Stan Cantrill Visit

(created 2023-03-23 13:15:04)

UK’s Stan Cantrill (6th Dan) - a multi European and World Veterans medalist - and his partner Jay’ne have been holidaying in NZ.

Stan has a lifetime of judo experience and numerous sporting and judo qualifications including coaching, refereeing, examining and as a medic qualified in anatomy and physiology.

During their travels through NZ Stan has run masterclasses at Rotorua Judo Club, Wellington Judo Academy, Blenheim Judo Club, Alexandra Judo Champ Academy combined with Queenstown’s Te Manawa, Dunedin’s Renshuden and - before flying out of Christchurch on Tuesday - a final masterclass at Christchurch School of Judo.

Feedback has been extremely positive.

Thanks go to Stan and Ja’yne for sharing their holiday in New Zealand with us.