Judo Nz Agreement With Nz Sports Collective

(created 2019-11-15 09:47:35)

JNZ is excited to announce that it was one of the first to sign on as a member of the NZ Sports Collective, which was publicly launched last evening.

The NZSC is a collaboration of over 50 sports in NZ, which has now provided "minor" sports with more opportunities due to a combined critical mass of members.

The formation of the NZSC has been driven by Waddell and Associates, a company headed by Judo NZ Patron, Rob Waddell.

The first initiative is a partnership with Sky Sport, which will result in selected local events live-streamed on their new platform Sky Now, as well as highlights packages and "grass roots" stories available on Sky Next.

More information, including the first "highlights" package of the National Champs, can be found at skysportnext.co.nz

It is anticipated that further agreements will be signed that will provide Judo and other sports with resources that will benefit our members.

More information on the partnership with Sky Sport is contained in the attached media release.