Jnz Members Competing Overseas

(created 2019-08-21 13:07:30)

A number of our New Zealand judo players are in action around the world at various events in the next few months.

We wish them every success. The list of events and players is shown below.

2019 Summer Universiade

We start in early July with the 2019 Summer Universiade in Napoli, Italy where Sam Simons (under 73 kg) and Koen Visser (under 81 kg) will compete in the evening our time on Friday 5th July. They are supported by Dr Murray Simons as Manager/Coach.

JNZ Asian Development Tour

A team of Cadets and Juniors are now in Macau where they will compete in the Macau Asian Cup 6/7 July, attend a training camp and then compete in the Hong Kong Asian Cup. 13/14 July.

The team comprises Luke Sullivan, Mathew Free, Zeke Thornton, Steffi Burra, Tara Beale, Ella Kelso, Sydnee Andrews, Lorcan Fivet, Maarten De Ridder, Mitchell Bond, Keightley Watson, Jurlina Carroll and Qona Christie.

The team is supported by Kiki Velloza - Manager/Coach and Garry Davies - Coach.

Budapest and Zagreb Grand Prix

Both these events are being contested by Justine Bishop (under 57 kg) who will fight in Budapest on the 12th of July and in Zagreb on the 26th of July.

Asia-Oceania Junior Championships

This event is being held in Taipei on the 29th to 30th of July and will be contested by Qona Christie (under 57 kg) and Keightley Watson (plus 100 kg). Diane Limbrey and David Browne will referee the competition.

Taipei Asian Open

This event is being held on the 3/4 August. Fighting for New Zealand will be Justine Bishop (under 57 kg), Elliott Connolly (under 81 kg), Matt Rowley (under 90 kg), Jason Koster (under 100 kg) and Keightley Watson (plus 100 kg).

2019 World Judo Championships - Tokyo

These worlds are being used as a test event for the 2020 Olympics. Two New Zealanders qualified for the event. They are Justine Bishop (under 57 kg) and Jason Koster (under 100 kg). The two fighters will be supported by Kiki Velloza as Manager/Coach.

Japan Training Tour - Minoh City

Minoh City near Osaka Japan has invited 6 female and 6 male athletes along with two coaches to train in Japan for 2 weeks. Minoh City is paying for airfares and accomodation.

Expressions of interest were sought from New Zealand players and the interest was very high.

The final team selected is Meghan Robson, Qona Christie, Louise Kelly, Hayley Gatward, Moira De Villers (Koster), Hayley Mackey, Bradlee Wong, Koen Visser, Mathew Rowley, Jason Koster, Elliot Connolly, and Keightley Watson. Kiki Velloza will travel as Manager/Coach along with Jason King as Coach.