Events And Covid 19

(created 2020-03-16 10:54:11)

The Judo NZ Board and the Medical Director have been monitoring the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19 and the hosting of events.

At this point, there are no cases of direct transmission within NZ. The Government and Ministry of Health advice is to maintain personal hygiene standards, and to follow the prescribed guidelines if you are concerned about possible exposure, are feeling unwell, and/or if you have just returned from overseas.

Currently, there is no identified need to cancel any scheduled events - providing personal health standards are maintained. Note that any entries from overseas countries in the Ministry of Health's Category 1B list to our Opens must complete the prescribed 14 day self-isolation (including New Zealanders returning), and we will require evidence that they have done so prior to being allowed to compete.

NB: The list of Pacific Island exemptions from the 14 day isolation requirement does NOT currently include French Polynesia.

The cancellation or postponement of Area events remains at the discretion of the host Area.

We will keep you posted as things develop, but please refer to the Ministry of Health guidelines, as these are changing on a daily basis.