Asian Tour Results

(created 2019-08-13 16:18:22)

The Judo New Zealand Cadet and Junior Team have returned home with some good results from their tour with competitions in Macau and Hong Kong. Congratulations to all medal winners.

Results are as follows:

Asian Cup Cadets Macau 2019

-63kg Tara Beale BRONZE

+70kg Sydnee Andrews BRONZE


Asian Cup Juniors Macau 2019

-57kg Qona Christie BRONZE

+78kg Sydnee Andrews SILVER


Asian Cup Cadets Hong Kong 2019

-63kg Tara Beale BRONZE

+70kg Sydnee Andrews GOLD

-81kg Zeke Thornton SILVER


Asian Cup Juniors Hong Kong 2019

-52kg Steffi Burra SILVER

-57kg Qona Christie BRONZE

-63kg Ella Kelso SILVER

+78kg Sydnee Andrews BRONZE

-81kg Zeke Thornton BRONZE

-100kg Mitchell Bond SILVER

+100kg Keightley Watson GOLD