This page is displayed by navigating to [club/manage members/re-registrations] on the menu and is where you will select existing members of your club for re-registration.

By default this page will display the previous year in the [last year registered] box (figure below). If you wish to re-register a member last registered with your club in a different year, please enter that year in the box.

When you are ready click the [get members] button to display a list of members that were last registered in the indicated year.


Note that 2 lists may be displayed, the first list will be those members whose registration is due in the current quarter. The second list consists of those whose registrations were due in past quarters (this means that their registration is currently not valid).

Place a tick in the tag box for all the members displayed that you wish to re-register and then click the
[2: check contact details >>] button.

Please note that any members you tag on this screen will remain tagged until you have removed the tag or completed the re-registration. This means that if the re-registration is not completed and the member remains tagged, that member will be included in any subsequent re-registration processing by you or any other member from your club authorised to process re-registrations.


This page is displayed after you have tagged members for re-registering and clicked the [2: check contact details >>] button.

You can move back to the previous page and add/remove members to/from the list at anytime by clicking on the [<< 1: tag members] button.

You will see a list of the members you have tagged for re-registering here. This includes membership number, date of birth and contact details that Judo New Zealand has on record for each member. Please take the time to confirm that the information we have is correct and if necessary edit the contact details.

You can edit a member's contact details by clicking on the member's id number (the green link to the left of the member's name).


When you are satisfied that the information displayed is correct click the [3: check registrations >>] button to move to the next page.


This is the last page to be displayed before confirming the re-registration of the listed members.

On this page you need to check the [new reg] column to make sure that the type of registration is correct. Clicking on the box will display a list of other possible registration options for this member. If you change the registration type the fee for this member will be updated automatically.


The fee consists of both national and area components. The totals for each component are displayed below the fees for each member, followed to the total amount for this batch.


When you are satisfied with everything click on the [4: confirm registrations >>] button. This will re-register the members with a pending status in the database. The registrations will become valid when the correct payment for this batch is received by the Judo NZ registrar. Until then these members will not display on club membership lists and will not be available for gradings.

Once the button is clicked an invoice/report will be displayed that you can print for sending to the Judo NZ registrar.

Note: You can return to earlier stages and make any changes necessary by clicking on the
[<< 2: check contact details] button.


Once you have clicked the [4: confirm registrations >>] button and the batch has finished processing you will be taken to the following page. Please print off 2 copies, one for your own records and one to send of with payment for the batch to the Judo NZ registrar.


Please note that if you go through this process multiple times on the same day the print invoice will reflect all entries processed on that same day and the final invoice generated on that day will be the valid one.