This page is displayed by navigating to [club/manage members/new registration] on the menu and is where you will add a new member to your club. A new member is someone who has never previously been registered with Judo New Zealand.

You will notice that the [id] is shown as "pending". The id number is calculated when you have input the dob and exited that box.


At this point the id number has been reserved in the system for this new member and at the same time 2 buttons will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. If you choose not to continue adding this member, please click the [cancel member add] button so that the reserved id number can be released by the system for future use.

If the system determines that the information you have entered is similar to an existing member, information regarding that member will be displayed in red beneath the 2 buttons.


If the person you are registering is the same as a/the person listed in red text then please take note of the person's details, cancel the new membership (clicking the [cancel member add] button) and process the member via the re-registration or club transfer pages as necessary.

The next step is to choose the [gender] and [registration type] for the new member. When selecting the [registration type], note that the [grade] option will be limited to 6 kyu for a "financial" member or "no grd" for a non-financial member (eg Volunteer). Also note that if registering a "financial" member, the [dob] must match the [registration type] age group.


Of the contact fields, only the first 2 address lines are compulsory however, we would prefer to have all the information for the member if available.

When you have filled out the form with all the information required, click the [add new member] button.

If the new member is successfully added to the the database you will see a message at the top of the page similar to the the following:

New member successfully added (1985040101). You can add another member or click here to jump to invoice/report page

At this point you can add another member if you wish or you can click on the [click here] link which will take you to the pending registrations screen. The new member you have added will be included along with any other registrations you have done for the same day in the batch for that date. You can get to the pending registrations screen at any time by navigating to the club reports screen (club/reports on the menu) and selecting the [pending registration reports] option.