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At the top of the page there are 2 tabs; front and members. The members tab is highlighted in a slightly lighter shade of gray. Click on the members tab.


You should now see the log in page for the members area of the website.


Log in by inputting your Judo New Zealand membership id to the [login id] field:

and your password to the [password] field:

then click the [Login] button.

If logging in for the first time your password will be your birthday in yyyymmdd format (ie if your birthday is December 5, 1970 then your initial password will be 19701205).

If the login doesn't work, it is probably because we a) don't have your DOB on record or b) have incorrect DOB information, in either case please contact the site administrator at to have this corrected.


Once you have successfully logged for the first time you will see the following screen which allows you to set a personal login password. You can skip this step if you choose and start using the members system via the menu on the left side of the display. However, this screen will be displayed each time you log in subsequently until you create a password. We also recommend that you create a password to increase the your security.


Create you new password by entering it in both the fields displayed on screen and then click the [create password] button. Please note that your password must be 4 or more characters and no more than 16 characters in length.

If the passwords you entered match and are meet the minimum/maximum length requirements the password will be created for your account. You will then be taken to the following screen where you can change your password again if you wish. From this point you can navigate the members system using the menu on the left side of the display.


Your password can be updated at anytime by navigating to [my stuff / manage password] on the menu.

If you should forget your password please contact Please note that your password cannot be recovered, your old password will be reset to your date of birth and you will have to login as if doing a first time login.