This page is displayed by navigating to [club/manage members/grades] on the menu and is where you will grade club members.

The list of graders will will first list eligible graders for the club and then eligible graders for the area (in case the club does not have any eligible graders).

Selecting a grader will display a list of club members who are a) currently registered and b) can be graded by the selected grader (1 Dan graders can grade only to 2 Kyu and 2nd Dan and high can grade to 1 Kyu).


Place a tick in the boxes adjacent to the member(s) you wish to grade and then click the [2: process grades >>] button.



This page will display a list of those club members you have selected. The display includes the member's current grade and the suggested "new grade" as calculated by the system. Normally the suggested grade should be sufficient however, on some occasions it may be that a member skips a grade. In this event, click on the [new grade] box and select the desired grade. Note that the the list of grades are limited by the eligibility of the grader.

Please note that you can return to the previous screen at any time and add or remove club members from the list by clicking the [<< 1: tag members] button.


If you make a change to the suggested grade, the fee totals will be updated automatically. In the event of skipped grades, the fee will be the cost of the new grade plus the fee of the skipped grade(s).


When you are ready, click on the [3: confirm batch >>] button to confirm the order. This will write the batch to the database and then display the following invoice/report.


Please print a copy for your own records and a copy to be signed by the grader and then sent with payment to the Judo New Zealand registrar.

You can generate another copy of the invoice/report at any time up until the batch is validated by the Judo New Zealand registrar from the club reports screen (club/reports on the menu) and selecting the [pending grading reports] option.

Please note that grades are not official until validated by the Judo New Zealand registrar.