This page is displayed by navigating to [club/manage members/edit members] on the menu and is where you will select members of your club to in order to edit their contact details

By default this page will display the current year in the [last year registered] box. If you wish to edit a member last registered with your club in a different year, please enter that year in the box.

When you are ready to generate the list click the [get members] button. The page displayed should look similar to the following.


Select the member whose details you wish to edit by clicking on that member's id number (the number in green text to the left of the member's name).


This page displays information held by Judo New Zealand for the selected member.

On this page you will be able to edit the member's name, gender and contact details. Once you have made any changes click the [update] button. A message will be displayed in red to indicate the result of the update. Please note that the first 2 address lines must contain address information for the member.

At any time you can return to the previous page by clicking the [<< go back] button.


There are a number of links on the right side of the page.

[internet display] will bring up the following page where you can determine what information you wish to allow to be displayed on the internet (for those members holding an office in Judo New Zealand) or published in any other manner. By default all fields are set to allow display, remove the tick from the box beside any line that you do not wish to have displayed.


Other links are related to the history of the member click on [history (unformatted)] to view the total history kept in the Judo NZ database for this member (this will be displayed in raw database format and in some cases not readily understandable). Click on any of the sub-categories to view a formatted version of the data for this member.