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2018 Dan Gradings
Thursday, 13 December 2018 07:34

JNZ would like to acknowledge our members who attained Dan Grades through out the year. 2018 resulted in 16 new black belts and 8 members attaining higher grades.

Congratulation to all who attained Dan grades this year.

They are as follows:

4th Dan; Paul Wong (JNH AK), Bram Kukler (JNH AK)

3rd Dan; Tony Reedy (KAI CA)

2nd Dan; Trevor Williams (SOK CA), Keightley Watson (WAN NW)
Matthew Macdiarmid (WEL WN), David Foley (BLN CD) Thomas Crosbie (CAN CA)

1st Dan; Bradlee Wong (JNH AK), Sam Varley (CHR CA), Liam Sycamore (CHR CA), Robert Neale (CHR CA), David Milne (NJS AK), Nina McSweeney (TAU WB), Dougal McLellan (WEL WN), Louise Kelly (NEL CD), Caleb Jones-King (GIS WB), Chris Henderson (REN CA), Nathan Harrison (TAU WB), Lester Harris (HOW AK), Lorcan Fivet (CJA CA), Qona Christie (WEL WN), Jurlina Carroll (NJS AK), Scott Banfield (CAN CA)



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