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IJF Academy Program
Friday, 26 January 2018 10:34

The IJF Academy run a series of programs (L1 Instructors, L2 Coach, and an Administrator course).

These are presented via a combination of on-line learning and practical workshops.

Information on the programs can be found at https://academ

The Coaching courses require minimum entry levels (L1 = Shodan and 18yrs plus, current First Aid; L2 Nidan, 20yrs +, Current First Aid, Completed L1)

On-line learning starts 26th February. There will be an opportunity to do the L1 practical course in Canberra from 30 November to 9 December, 2018.

The fee for the L1 has not yet been advised by the JFA or OJU. Normal cost is USD1600, but we understand that last year's program in Australia was AUD600, plus travel and 9 days accommodation, living expenses, etc additional.

Cannot do L2 unless L1 completed.

If anyone is interested in applying to complete any of the IJF Academy programs, please contact NBD by 5 February so that we can meet the IJF application deadline.


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Event information is available on the documents page