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Technical Skills Workshop Fee Change
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 09:59

The Technical Skills Level 1 and 2, and the Kata Training Seminars were developed and are delivered by JNZ Grading Commission to assist in achieving the strategic objective of increasing the skill and knowledge of club coaches, and to support the delivery of the Teaching and Grading Syllabus.

Both JNZ (through membership fees and funding) and Area Associations currently meet the costs of delivering the Coaching Education programs (ie no fee charged to attendees).

They were NOT developed to assist individual members to improve their skill and knowledge for their own personal development (eg in preparation for a grading).

As a result of a growing concern by those delivering these programs in recent years, it has been determined that 59% of all those who have attended a TSW 1 and/or TSW2 have not completed any other of the coaching qualification components since their introduction in 2012.

Currently attendance at these programs is free to attendees (with the exception of those from outside the host Area). It will remain so providing an "active committment to pursuing a coaching qualification" is demonstrated.

From now on, unless the applicant has completed either L1 or L2 Coaching Workshop AND the 2 on-line modules (Safety Net and Coaches Starter Pack) or holds the appropriate older qualification (ie C1 for TSW1 or C2 for TSW2 and KTS) prior to attending a TSW1, TSW2, or KTS a $100 fee will apply. Priority to attend these workshops will be given to those who have completed the pre-requisite modules as above.

Naturally the applicant's club and/or member may subsidise this payment if they wish. If a club or Area want to co-ordinate a technical workshop to develop individual skills specifically for grading, etc, then this can be arranged with the appropriate personnel (and all delivery costs being met).

The fee income will be shared between the host Area and JNZ as they currently meet the delivery costs of these programs.


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