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Japan Masters Success
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 08:22

September 19-20 saw the 12th annual Japan Masters Judo Championships held in Ureshino, a small city in the Saga prefecture located in the southern island of Kyushu, Japan. The area is most noted for its hot springs and ceramics industry, and now as host of the Japan Masters Judo tournament for 2015. Approximately 500 judoka competed in Kata, team and individual events with players from Japan, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Spain and New Zealand. All were there to experience the high level of international competition, not to mention the hospitality and ever-lasting friendships, that this event is well known for.

Successful JNZ members were; Pat Toner (WEL WN) 85-89 years, -100 kg - gold, Rick Littlewood (UNI AK) 70-74 years, open weight - gold, Alan Greene (UNI AK) 60-64years, -90kg - silver

Congratulations to all the players who competed.

Khan Townsend-Paley (UNI AK) - won his first fight but lost the next to a yondan

Paul Kirk (PMA WB) - fought well losing by a shido against a sandan who went on to place second in the division

James Mccombe (UNI AK) - lost in the final seconds to a sandan after escaping from a good kami-shiho gatame

Stu Mitchell (UNI AK)- fought well losing to a yondan by seoinage


Two teams in the teams event included NZ players.

Kiwis - lost to a Ureshino home team 3 -2, (wins from Rick and Allan). Ureshino team went on to win bronze.

ANZACs - lost 5-0 to a strong team from Tokyo

In addition to the great results, the NZ Team was able to lay claim to the following achievements:

The lowest grade entered - Paul Kirk, the only brown belt

The oldest judoka – Pat Toner

The youngest judoka - James McCombie

Most frequent foreigner to attend the event – Rick Littlewood

Largest foreign team – 7 from New Zealand


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