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“do or not do - there is no try”
National Technical Examination Weekend
Tuesday, 07 October 2014 09:52

The NTEW was held at Can Am Ju in Christchurch on the 4th and 5th October, and is an annual event run by the Grading Commission. It is used to qualify dan gradings from Shodan upwards. The weekend consists of a Technical exam on Saturday (carried out in 4 parts over 6 hours), and the Kata exam / presentation on Sunday.

Congratulations go to the new Shodans; Andrew MacDonald (BLE CD), Darren Webb (MAI CA), Ron Craft (REN SO), who worked very hard over the two days to pass both the Technical exam and the Kata requirements. James Entwistle (CAN CA) also took the opportunity to successfully present his Nage no Kata to achieve Shodan.

Stefan Heinrich (MOT CD) successfully completed the Technical Exam component for his Ni-dan and is planning to present his Katame no Kata in the near future.

Gradings are not only a test and recognition of skills learned to date but the opening of the door to a platform for greater learning and better Judo.

We often hear people saying they are “happy and comfortable in their current grade”.... and to be honest, I have said it myself. It takes courage to challenge oneself to improve and sometimes we just need a nudge. Well, here's yours....

“Do you have what it takes to step to the next level? As you are already doing judo I think you do.”

Don't wait, set your goals now! Applications can be made to the NTD. I look forward to seeing you at the next NTEW in 2015, if not earlier.

Bill Vincent (JNZ Grading Commission).



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