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“do or not do - there is no try”
Judo At Kids Fest
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 10:52

On Sunday 3 March the annual Kids Fest was held in Christchurch.  Judo Canterbury put on a ‘try judo’ event and although the start to the day was slow that soon changed after lunch when it became very busy.  A large number of kids came on the mat to try judo, which at times became hectic with all rolling around, grappling and having plenty of fun.

Pictured is Liam Nugent (WJC CA) helping out on the mat, with Mark Nugent (CA Area Director) keeping an eye out for recruits.

With parents hanging around and watching, Canterbury Area Director Mark Nugent took the opportunity to approach each one giving them a pamphlet containing all the Area’s clubs’ locations and contact details; along with a strong sales pitch on the benefits of a safe, full contact martial arts, that will help their kids develop co-ordination, balance and self-confidence providing them with great skills that will serve them well for life.

Mark reports his new club Westside Judo, has already received the benefits of the ‘try judo’ event with five contacts since Sunday to bring their children to the club to try judo.  He is very hopeful that other clubs within the Area will receive similar approaches.



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