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IJF Proposes Radical Rule Changes
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 08:16

The IJF have announced a series of "experimental" rule changes following the Olympic Games review. Some of these are controversial and radical, but will be in force for all IJF events (including OJU Continental Championship) for 2013. Changes have also been made to the allocation of World Ranking Points.


The JNZ Sports Commission will be analysing the proposed changes to determine the extent of there introduction into events held in New Zealand. These will be introduced prior to the Area Opens.

It is important that coaches and players competing internationally read these carefully. They WILL require changes to the way that you train and compete.

JNZ is sending our Referee Commissioner (Dave Browne) to the IJF seminar to gain a clearer understanding of the rule changes, the reasons for them, and their likely interpretation by referees. This will be shared with NZL referees, players, and coaches as soon as possible in the New Year.


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