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2012 Nationals Confirmed For Christchurch
Monday, 02 July 2012 11:36

As you are all aware last years Nationals were shifted from Christchurch to Auckland because of the infrastructure damage as a result of the earthquakes.

Our Christchurch judo colleagues have made it very clear that they are keen to host this years Nationals and have been given the go ahead from Judo New Zealand.

At times of trauma it is considered important to normalise things as soon as possible. JNZ believes that our support for our southern colleagues will assist with their recovery, emphasize that judo is alive and well in Canterbury and also bring some much needed economic benefit to the region.

It is important that as many of us as possible attend to show our solidarity.

As accommodation is still limited it is suggested clubs act early to secure bookings and it would also be prudent to take the insurance option when booking flights.

The basic programme is as follows. Full details will be available on the JNZ website shortly.

20th October        Seniors - Juniors - Cadets - Masters
21st October        Junior & Senior Boys and Girls - Kata

Dave Browne
President - Judo New Zealand



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