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Auckland Team Successful At QIO
Wednesday, 15 March 2017 08:39

The Auckland Squad attended the recent Queensland International Open, which was the largest ever with over 400 competitors - including a number of Japanese teams.

The Auckland team of 17 claimed 13 medals, which was a superb effort given a high number of “first time” international competitors, on top of hard twice daily training in Brisbane leading up to the event and an International Training Camp in the Gold Coast immediately after the event.

Auckland Coach Rob Levy (UNI AK) was one of four international coaches invited to run workshops at the International Training Camp.

Congratulations to all the team, officials, and supporters for a successful tour.

Medallists below;


Tuesday, 14 March 2017 07:43

The team to represent NZL at the 2017 OJU Continental Championships in Tonga has been confirmed, and is listed below.

The team competes in Senior, Junior Men and Women, and Cadet divisions on Friday 28 April and Saturday 29 April.

We wish the team and management the very best for a successful tournament.

JNZ Official Facebook Page
Friday, 10 March 2017 08:11

Judo NZ will be launching our official trial Facebook page Saturday, March 11th. This page will be open to the public to view and make comment.

The purpose of the page is to promote and celebrate happenings amongst our community, along with those who follow Judo across country and internationally. It will also support JNZ in communicating key information to athletes, coaches, support teams, members and club administrators.

Please note, the JNZ website will remain the primary information and policy source, and will take precedence over information on the Facebook page if a conflict or discrepancy exists.

Our aim is to fairly represent what is happening in all clubs across NZ. If you have anything newsworthy, or would like to celebrate a local achievement, please send this through to our editor Justine Bishop ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). We will endeavor to be timely with our posts, but there may be a delay in posting.

We trust that the provision of this facility will be used in a positive, constructive, and productive manner to assist our members and clubs.

60 Years On The Mat
Friday, 03 March 2017 08:14

Ron Jones (NSA AK) celebrated his 60th year of Judo on the mat at his North Shore Acadamy of Judo.

Ron began Judo in Sydney 2 March, 1957, becoming Australian lightweight champion before starting his coaching career in Australia. He moved to NZ in 1965, and took over the coaching at NSA AK in 1977, where he has coached ever since.

Ron has also taught self-defence and judo at a number of schools on the North Shore, and worked for some time teaching judo to members of Blind Sport NZ.

Ron's message;

"Give back to Judo what you have learnt. We will only keep the art and love of judo alive if we encourage our present players and competitors to give back to their clubs, and move into assisting and coaching to bring on the next generation of judoka".


JNZ congratulates Ron on this significant achievement, and thanks him for his long service to developing Judo in NZ.

2016 Dan Gradings
Wednesday, 25 January 2017 07:36

JNZ wish to congratulate all our members who were successful in attaining NZ Dan grades during the year. Those graded were;

1st Dan; Cameron Baker (NJC AK), Finn Brown (WCC NW), Todd Godfrey (WJA AK), Kevin Mackey (WHA WB), Gensric Sakiman (JNH AK), Jake Spinks (CAN CA), Koen Visser (HOW AK), Alex Rivett (WEL WN)

2nd Dan; Ross Beale (CAM CA), Neisha Brooking (WHA WB), Tatalong Hannarong (NJC AK), Chanel Kavamagh (TAU WB), Emma Rouse (NJC AK), Carlton Ruffell (BUB WN), Gareth Smith (WAI WN), Harry Smith (CAM WB)

3rd Dan; Justine Bishop (NJC AK), Alan Green (UNI AK), Vinay Reddy (NJC AK)

4th Dan; Craig Bartlett (HOW AK)

5th Dan; Graeme Fair (TAU WB) - Lifetime Award of Grade

Welcome Dae Han Judo
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:43

JNZ welcomes a new Judo club in the Waikato Bay of Plenty Area.

Dae Han Judo has been affiliated and will be run by Seong Keun (Ben) Park in Tauranga.

We wish Ben and the club success.

Revised IJF Contest Rules
Tuesday, 03 January 2017 07:54

The IJF have made a number of changes to the contest rules following the 2016 Olympics. Notably, the scoring system has been amended to only Ippon and Waza-ari (which are now not cummulative).

The changes are outlined in the attachment (and yes - they have been ammended already!)

JNZ Sports Commission will be making recommendations on how these changes will be implemented into the JNZ Sporting Code prior to the first points event for 2017. Any changes will be advised asap.

The Referees Commission have representatives attending the IJF Seminar on the revised rules, and will be running a number of Rules Seminars for coaches, referees, and competitors later in January and February.


Happy Holiday Season
Friday, 16 December 2016 08:13

On behalf of the JNZ Board of Directors, Business Directorate, and Technical Directorate we wish all members a very safe, relaxing, and enjoyable holiday season.

Special thanks to all our volunteers who make the development and delivery of Judo throughout New Zealand possible.

Look forward to working with you all again in 2017.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

NTD Appointment
Monday, 12 December 2016 08:44

JNZ Board of Directors are pleased to announce that the successful applicant for the National Technical Director's role is Mr David Browne.

Most of you will be familiar with David from his previous role as JNZ President, and active referee around NZ and internationally.

David was appointed by the selection panel after applications for the role were received, and a number of applicants interviewed.

JNZ congratulate David on his appointment to the role, and wish him every success in this important position.

Earthquake Concerns
Wednesday, 16 November 2016 07:23

JNZ wish to share our best wishes to the clubs and their members affected by the recent earthquakes - particularly the Kaikoura Judo Club (KAI CA).

We have received reports that all are safe, and some clubs have closed while safety assessments are conducted.

JNZ have also received an e-mail from the Judo Federation of Australia extending their concerns and pass on their thoughts and prayers to those affected.

Hopefully a return to "normal service" as soon as possible!

New Board Member
Monday, 31 October 2016 08:37

At the recent JNZ Congress Craig Bartlett (HOW AK) was elected to the Board of Directors.

Craig will be well known to many of you as the Referee Commission Director. Craig is currently active as an international referee at IJF events around the world, as well as coaching at his club in Auckland. Craig has also had experience on the OJU executiva as the Treasurer.

Craig replaces long-serving Board Member Naomi Spinks (CAN CA) who remains as the High Performance Director. We wish to publicly thank Naomi for the work she has done on behalf of the organisation and our members in her role on the Board.

NTD Vacancy
Monday, 31 October 2016 08:24

The Board of Directors wish to extend their thanks and gratitude to Brent Cooper who recently resigned his role as National Technical Director.

As a result of this resignation, the BOD have reviewed the Function and Person specidfications for the role, and now ask for applications to fill this critical role within the organisation.

The role is a part-time contract position, reporting to the JNZ President.


All applications must be submitted as per the attached documents by 19 November 2016.

2016 Honours
Tuesday, 18 October 2016 07:58

Firstly, congratulations to all competitors, volunteers and organisers for a successful 60th Anniversary 2016 National Championships.

During the event a number of honours were conferred on members who have made significant contributions to Judo in New Zealand over a long period. These awards included Honorary Officer to Derek Maggs (HEN WB) and Jason King (GIS EC). These were conferred in 2014 but had not yet been awarded.

Honorary Member awards were made to Stephen Tarring (KOI WN), Craig Bartlett (HOW AK), and Antoinette Earl (JNZ) for service to the sport at a national level over a long period.

The Judoka of the Year was awraded to Darcina Manuel (GIS EC).

Graeme Fair (TAU WB) was received a Liftime Award of Grade of 5th Dan.

Brent Cooper (JNH AK) was inducted into the JNZ Hall of Fame as the second member of the Hall. Brent achieved a gold medal at the 1990 Commonwealth Games held in Auckland (to date our only CG champion), and a 5th place at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games (to date the highest ever placing by an NZL athlete).

Congratulations to all who were recognised for their service and results.

2016 National Championships
Friday, 14 October 2016 07:28

The 2016 NZ Championships are on this weekend at;

Auckland Netball Centre

7 Allison Ferguson Drive

Saint Johns


Additional information about the event can be obtained by selecting the green "documents" in the "Upcoming Events" box to the right of this article.

Congrats To Darcina
Monday, 29 August 2016 10:13

Congratulations to our Olympian, Darcina Manuel (GIS EC) who reached the round of 16 following a good victory against her Russian opponent in the first round of the -57kg category. She then lost by Yuko to the eventual bronze medallist, for an offical final placing of 9th.

This result met the criteria that were established by the NZOC and clearly justified the selection. There has been some publicity around the cost per medal and the amounts provided to various sports by HPSNZ for their campaigns - some of whom were more successful than others. Unfortunately, the criteria for financial assistance remains as podium performance at World and Olympic level, so the ability to gain such funding remains extremely challenging for global sports like ours.

Once again, well done Darcina and enjoy a well-earned rest before the international season kicks in again.

Great Opportunity For Young NZL Judoka
Monday, 29 August 2016 09:58

The IJF recently provided an opportunity for young judoka from around the world to take part in an International training camp held in Switzerland.

Two young NZL OJU Champions were selected to attend - Qona Christie (WEL WN) and Bradlee Wong (JNH AK). They were accompanied on this wonderful opportunity by Jason Koster (CAN CA).

By all accounts, a very beneficial experience for both.

Accounts of their experiences can be found at and,_Switzerland.html

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