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“do or not do - there is no try”
Glasgow Glory
Friday, 01 August 2014 11:25

Glasgow MedalBy now you will be aware of the commendable performance of our team in Glasgow. A total of 5 medals, two 5ths and two 7th places for the team, placing us third behind England and Scotland on the total medals table.

All members of the team have been busy since the end of competition with media duties and have received praise from the media for our approachability and humbleness.

Individual placings are as follows;

Chanel Kavanagh (TAU WB) -48, 7th; Darcina Manuel (GIS EC) -57, bronze; Moira de Villiers (CAN CA) -70, silver; Adrian Leat (JNH AK) -73, silver; Mark Brewer (MOT CD) -81, 7th; Ivica Pavlinic (MET WB) -81; Ryan Dill-Russell (JNH AK) -90, 5th; Tim Slyfield (UNI AK) -100, bronze; Jason Koster (CAN CA) -100, bronze; Sam Rosser (WJA AK) +100, 5th.

Unfortunately Patti Grogan (GIS EC) was forced to withdraw from the team before arriving in Glasgow due to illness.

Congratulations from JNZ to the entire team for a very successful campaign.

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