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Fund Raising Event
Monday, 10 June 2013 11:39

Many of you will be aware of the accident that occurred at the Wellington Open recently, involving one of our members.

To support Yuichi and his family, Can-Am-Ju are hosting a fund-raising training session involving newaza, grapling, and groundwork lead by Jason Koster and supported by other coaches.

The session will cater for all levels, cost of the session (to be held at Can-Am-Ju at 5pm on Sunday 16 June) will be $5 (participants and spectators).

Other clubs and individuals (as well as JNZ and the local communities of both Napier and Christchurch) are providing support in a number of ways.

For those clubs and/or individuals who wish to contribute financially, an account has been established for donations. Please include a name if possible. The account number is;

Kiwibank 38 - 9008 - 0880664 - 03

For information on the event, please phone Jason (03) 338 7383


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Event information is available on the documents page