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2010 Dan Gradings
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 08:38


Twenty six dan grade promotions were awarded during 2010. Rick Littlewood (UNI AK) was recently awarded hachi-dan (8th dan) to become the second current holder of this - the highest grade - in New Zealand. In addition, 18 new dan grades awarded and 7 others were awarded higher dan grades.

The complete list of dan promotions is as follows:

8th Dan - Rick Littlewood (UNI AK)

5th Dan - Esther Velloza (GIS EC)

4th Dan - Mike Smith (CHR CA)

3rd Dan - Doug Lloyd (KOI WN), Andrew Pragnell (WJC AK)

2nd Dan - Cameron Clarke (WEL WN), Tony Meier (MAI CA), Ryan Dill-Russell (JNH AK)

1st Dan - Neisha Brooking (TAU WB), Hugo Dewar (WEL WN), Jonathon Broman (MAI CA), Richard Berry (MAI CA), Joshua Gordon (CHR CA), Renata Sadlier (COB CA), Bevan Brooking (GIS EC), Radik Abdyukov (SOK CA), Neil Gray (HEN WB), Andrew Scahill (MAI CA), Alex Bishop (NJC AK), Hannah Downing (NJC AK), Ryan Jeffery (NJC AK), Marco Nienaber (NJC AK), Vinay Reddy (NJC AK), Phillip Payne (PMN NW), Murray Simons (UPP WN), David Dill-Russell (JNH AK)

Congratulations to all recipients.


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