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OJU Kata Championships
Friday, 15 October 2010 15:11


Five members from JNZ attended the OJU Kata Seminar and competed in the OJU Championships in Sydney in September. The seminar attracted a large group of Kata enthusiasts and included instruction from high grades sent from the Kodokan.JNZ members achieved some very good results .

As well as instruction in a number of kata, judging instruction and examinations were provided, followed by the OJU Kata Championships with competitors in Cadet, Junior, and Senior Divisions.

Keith Salmon (JNH AK) and Bram Kukler (NSA AK) gained silver in the Katame No Kata, bronze in the Goshin Jitsu, and 4th in Nage No Kata; Neisha Brooking (TAU WB) placed 5th in the Katame No Kata and 9th in Nage No Kata; Doug Lloyd (KOI WN) and Steve Tarring (KOI WN) placed 7th in the Goshin Jitsu.

Congratulations to all participants.


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